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Other Popular Resistance Thermometers - Pt100 Sensors

External / Rugged Air Temperature RTD's (Type 74)

This air temperature sensor is ideal for external applications as the connections are enclosed in a weatherproof connection box. It is also most suited to internal applications which require box to be rugged. The sensor itself is housed within a perforated stainless steel tube which allows a free flow of air across the sensor element which in turn will give a good response time. An optional 4 to 20mA transmitter for those requiring a standard transducer signal is also available. Supplied in tolerance classes B or A in a 3 or 4-wire configuration. Operating temperature range: -30ºC to +150ºC.

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1. Tolerance of Element

  Tolerance of Element
(IEC 60751 for Pt100)
Grade Accuracy
@ 0ºC
@ 100ºC
B ±0.30°C ±0.80°C
A ±0.15°C ±0.35°C

2. Wiring Configuration

  Wiring Configuration
(IEC 60751:2008)
3 3 wire (most popular)
4 4 wire

3. Optional 4 to 20mA Transmitter

4. Quantity Required

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