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Temperature Calibrators

Type K Thermocouple 2-in-1 Simulator and Thermometer Type K Thermocouple 2-in-1 Simulator & Thermometer Simulation and measurement of Type K Thermocouples. High Accuracy Temperature Calibrator High Accuracy Thermocouple CalibratorHigh accuracy temperature calibrator. An ideal device to handle all of your temperature calibration needs. Mini Current/Loop
Portable Calibrator
Mini Current/Loop Portable CalibratorA mini source process calibrator that has the ability to calibrate or troubleshoot any 4-20 mA loop device.
4-20mA Loop
4-20mA Loop Calibrator A rugged easy to use Milliamp Calibrator suitable for 4-20mA applications.
Dry Block
Dry Block CalibratorGenerate true reference temperatures to facilitate the calibration of temperature sensors and systems.
Laboratory Standard Voltage/Current Calibrator Laboratory Standard Voltage/Current CalibratorOur Voltage/Current Bench Calibrator sets a new standard in lab calibrator value. Multi-function
Multi Function CalibratorCalibrate and simulate virtually all thermocouple and RTD inputs as well as volts, millivolts, pressure and frequency signals.