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Temperature Calibrators

Type K Thermocouple 2-in-1 Simulator and Thermometer Type K Thermocouple 2-in-1 Simulator & Thermometer Simulation and measurement of Type K Thermocouples. Thermocouple
Thermocouple Calibrator Thermocouple Calibrator designed to give the technician laboratory grade accuracy in the field.
High Accuracy Temperature Calibrator High Accuracy Thermocouple CalibratorHigh accuracy temperature calibrator. An ideal device to handle all of your temperature calibration needs. Mini Current/Loop
Portable Calibrator
Mini Current/Loop Portable CalibratorA mini source process calibrator that has the ability to calibrate or troubleshoot any 4-20 mA loop device.
4-20mA Loop
4-20mA Loop Calibrator A rugged easy to use Milliamp Calibrator suitable for 4-20mA applications.
Dry Block
Dry Block CalibratorGenerate true reference temperatures to facilitate the calibration of temperature sensors and systems.
Laboratory Standard Voltage/Current Calibrator Laboratory Standard Voltage/Current CalibratorOur Voltage/Current Bench Calibrator sets a new standard in lab calibrator value. Multi-function
Multi Function CalibratorCalibrate and simulate virtually all thermocouple and RTD inputs as well as volts, millivolts, pressure and frequency signals.