Thermocouple Cable - Single Pairs

As one of the largest stockists of single pair thermocouple cable in Europe, we have all thermocouple types in PVC, Fibreglass, PFA, Silicone Rubber, XLPE, ceramic fibre etc., available for immediate delivery. Our thermocouple cables are to ANSI MC96.1 colour codes and tolerances (other colour codes are available). We offer a wide variety of constructions from simple bellwire to screened and armoured types in complex configurations in virtually all thermocouple combinations.
Heat Resistant
PVC Insulated
HR PVC Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesA wide range of HR PVC insulated cables. constructions such as 'Flat Twin', Twisted', Screened and Armoured cables are available
Flame Retardant
PVC Insulated
FR PVC Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesFR PVC in Screened and Armoured constructions. Meeting IEC 60332.1:2004 covering tests on cables under fire conditions
XLPE Low Smoke
and Fume
XLPE Smoke & Fume Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesIncludes XLPE compound on the cores and LS0H material on the bedding and/or outer sheath. For situations involving fire risk and emissions
Fire Resistant MICA/XLPE
Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Fire Resistant MICA/XLPE Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesFire Resistant MICA/XLPE Low Smoke Zero Halogen Single Pairs. Incorporates high temperature MICA glass tape. Halogen free
PFA Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesA wide range of PFA insulated cables. constructions such as 'Flat Twin', Twisted' and Screened cables are available.
Fibreglass and Ceramic Fibre InsulatedFibreglass Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesA range of Fibreglass cables in Standard, High Temperature versions Ceramic Fibre InsulatedCeramic Fibre Thermocouple CablesA range of 'Flat Twin' and braided constructions in ceramic fibre insulations (1200ºC) Flame Retardant
Silicone Rubber Insulated
FR Silicone Rubber Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesExcellent properties for the reduced propagation of flame by incorporation of flame retardant Silicone Rubber compounds in a range of constructions
FR Silicone Rubber Insulated Single Pair Thermocouple CablesFlame retardant with resistance to chemicals and radiation with excellent physical, electrical and mechanical properties over high temperatures
Stainless Steel
Braided Cables
Stainless Steel Braided PVC, PFA and Fibreglass insulated cables.


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